What is KISS launcher?#

KISS is a fast, small and open-source launcher for Android, developed on GitHub and published on both Google Play Store and F-Droid.

What's a launcher?#

A launcher is the application that appears on Android when you press the “Home” button. It’s usually used to display all available apps on the device.

Why is it named KISS?#

KISS stands for “Keep it Simple and Stupid”. It’s a wink at the application itself, which should be very simple to use.

What's KISS licence?#

KISS is published as GPL. Without going into the Legal Jibber Jabber, this roughly means that you can change, update, package, distribute and make money as long as you share back the changes.

Who is building this launcher?#

KISS is developed on GitHub, from multiple contributors.

How to use KISS launcher?#

Type in the name of an application or contact in the search box at the bottom. Select any result, and KISS will learn along the way!

How do I change KISS settings?#

Click the three dots icon to the right of the search box, and setup to your taste.

How can I uninstall applications?#

Long press the selected application and select uninstall.

How can I see all installed applications?#

Press the green circle to the right of the search field to display all applications.

I have an idea, but I don't know how to code!#

Open an issue, explain what you’re looking for or what isn’t working, and answer any questions developers may have!

I have an idea, and I know how to code!#

Head over to KISS source code, clone it and get started! Send us your pull request, explain what you’re trying to achieve and you’re good to go.