Regular make will just export the SVGs to PNGs.


Inkscape 1.0+ and jq for JSON processing and perl.


If you want tinyfied pngs with tinypng you can use TINYPNG_API_KEY=YOURAPIKEY make tinypng. Grab an API key for free at


I tested once the performance of pngcrush vs tinypng:

name size name size name size
1.svg.png 1.6M 1.svg.crushed.png 1.3M 1.svg.tinypng.png 632K
2.svg.png 860K 2.svg.crushed.png 806K 2.svg.tinypng.png 286K
3.svg.png 1.1M 3.svg.crushed.png 971K 3.svg.tinypng.png 341K
4.svg.png 139K 4.svg.crushed.png 102K 4.svg.tinypng.png 48K